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  • Present Stage of the World-cd


    Present Stage of the world-cd

    Niet uitgebrachte cd-compositie van Frank L., tekst octo (als ik hem weer op spoor kom, zal ik vragen of ik de door hem gecomponeerde muziek op de filosofisch verzet blog mag zetten…de woorden zijn door hem gekozen uit een meer dan twintig pagina’s tellende analyse, over een aantal lessen die ik meen dat de geschiedenis ons geeft, en was oorspronkelijk bedoeld als info voor enkele politiek geïnteresseerde mensen in het buitenland, vandaar dat ie in ’t Engels geschreven is) Ik kreeg de door hem gemaakte  cd toegestuurd, de dag na een mislukt aantal stakingsdagen; wat een oppepper ! Prachtige eigentijdse muziek, die in onze schuiven blijven liggen is.

    *1.instrumentale intro


    How can we learn to be more assertive (weerbaar) in a proletarian way ?

    By taking intrest in philosophy, politics and history.

    By studying our concrete living conditions, where we work and live.

    By realizing that the emotional and psychological problems we are all confronted with, are being agravated (verergerd) by the current (huidig) system of production.

    That ‘s what real ideology is all about

    It’s a kind of spiritual matter that has little to do with the classic ideology of religion…interpretated in a conservative way

    Human beings can get a lot of energy of being conscious of these things or they can make them sick

    *3. Lessons from History

    It is all so embarrasing (compromiterend, ambetant)

    *4. Present Stage of the World

    Ideology is a way to understand life

    Consciousness is born from practical experience

    Leading to theoretical thinking

    Politics is a matching example of this

    Sometimes illusions are necessary to get back On the road of realism

    The same laws that guide history can also be found in our own emotional, psychological and intellectual development.

    The present stage of the world

     has consequences on our global living conditions

    Our first task is to understand the process of evolution :

    The preservation (behoud) of the world

    *5. Back to life : instrumental


    Life, the real film

    To preserve your world today

    Educate yourselve and others

    Find your inner calm

    Resolve your relation problems in a human way

    Think before you speak

    And every fight against colleagues, family, friends and lovers, is energy that cannot be used against the real exploiters

    *7.Flatfields :instrumental

    *8. Public opion :instrumental

    Octo & Frank L. eind twintigste, begin 21ste eeuw