why voting to let madness survive ?


foto : ode aan de eenvoudigen


All around us , stalking everyone

Education and commerce, honoring it

Media feed the killing of medicine against it

Relations being kept within the old economical rules and instincts;

Not often the old borders are overcome

For the Madness, making love is reduced to fucking;

not a soul that penetrates and receives

another soul with it’s sex .

For the Madness being spiritual is not about the connection between the elements that created us (earth, light, energy…)and our consciousness now… but all about making more money then your neighbor

For the Madness, working like robots is being stress free

For the madness underdevelopment is necessary

For the madness, no other society with free public services is possible

For the madness , it alone can guarantee discipline

For the madness unemployment and war and poverty are normal and qualitative food is to expensive for us

For the madness the only cure lies in medecine

Madness can buy us, and then we feed it; whatever victories we think we made.


We vote for the ones with lots of money to spend on their campaigns

We vote to keep on producing inequality

We vote for further collaboration in wars and pollution

We vote to guarantee human rights for the few

We vote for less culture that touches our soul

We vote for keep on watching sensation

We vote for the ones who were in opposition before elections

We vote for the ones who did not make a difference in last election

We vote because our alternative isn't organised enough

We vote because we believe some cheap promises ...

that die behind their negociation-desks

 Wonder if there will come a day that the individual realises his power

Comes at work and starts to work slower the first day, slower the second,

slowest the third...starts talking with his fellow-workers about it all.

Wonder if there will come a day when workers start talking about their lives : 

Do they get enough holiday ?  Why do they pay to much for everything ? 

Wonder when they will realise that a lot of the work they are doiing is not necessary, and a lot is not beeing done.

Wonder why and when and how organisation will grow.

By demanding more money and by working less stressed ?

The money-system will die quicker, but will have to sack us even more.

Why not beiing one step ahead of this all : and demanding it's abolition ?

Wonder if we can be disciplined enough to keep on believing in our new dream. Wonder if we get used to work out of solidarity instead of working because out of necessity.  I think in the end we will.


conscience invites you to vote for an international alternative on   http://www.bloggen.be/conscience2008

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