When everything you wanted to write about in life,

 has been written.

When everything you wanted to speak about,

 has been said.

When you've experienced all about love and hate.

When you've tried everything

to influence the battle for power.


Then you realise you've only touched the mechanisms,

even dough you added a lot of undiscovered things.

Then you feel that even only in trying, you changed things,

while the negative tensions

kept on giving life to the positive.

Then, when absolute calm is restored,

you hear your inner voice again.

What was and is IT (she-he?) always talking about ?

Then you start wondering,

why did it made you feel heavenly,

why did  some periods, it made you confuse ?


Could it be that matter and mechanisms are one thing

and the energy that makes that energy travel other ?

Could it be that matter or mechanisms also can make sick

and do so because the original real strength must recover ?

Could it be that real strength is always beiing challenged

and must descend in to where the changement is due to come from ?


Oh purest voice of sensitivity

let your part of  wind blow, your part of matter glow,

your part of the water rise, your part of light inspire,

so I'll know what to write in a new way;

because the sky, aswell as other matter,

is full of energy

Oh dearest desteny, show me the narow pad

between rationality and the inner voices of intuition,

show me which seeds where to plant

so I and we can act more then as one

because thruth otherwise causes to much suffering.


While travelling on the narrow pad of now

the contact with the past and future voices of nature

came back again from beiing lost

in every period of your life ,

that you were not an honnest child.



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