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23 september :

the adventures of baron Muchausen


 The more you look for sucre, the more rocks you meet

There was a time when life used to be simple.

Some girlfriends to taste and let go.

And, later on 'security', a wife and some kids, a house, a family.
But one day, later on, some older men and women might say :

that doesn't seem to be the book of live for me”.

There was a time when I couldn't separate emotion from thought

and thought from intuition, or emotion and thought from love.
A time when I didn't knew where Loving and Living was all about.

But each Love makes conscious, so you come closer to the hidden.
And consciousness makes Love develop in many different ways.

There was a time I didn't see that some old ideas about life made people sick.

Ideas and words can be oxygen and carbonide.

The truth lies hidden in discovering yourself and those you meet.

The way up is the oxygen in the blood, the way down the carbonide.

That's what makes the nervous system really communicate or not.

That's what praying and believing is all about.

This century where poverty and pollution digs men's early grave.

A time where the few decide about getting poor or goiing to war.

If you play the game with rightwing-cards, you'll be asked to decide to.

In the land of milk and honey, workers must keep on looking for

the sucre, but the sicker they'll get, the harder they'll recover.

The more the rich will take, the harder the poor should response.

There was a time I taught eternity was a meaningless joke.

And nobody was to blame for nothing. Only the system was.

A time when I didn't feel each eternal moment in my cells.

A time when I didn't realise that individuals that transform

their energy and orientation, can change their society as well.

There was a time I thought loneliness didn't lead to inspiration

and that out of suffering nothing new could emerge.

I know better now, but I'm not prepared to go in to the depth again.

...what made me aldough, always return again ?

Understanding pain and problem befor you can write them down ?

There was a time I felt guilty for doiing what my hart desired.
The hart is no beast of burden (lastdier) for reason, instincts and emotions...

I had to learn.

Who tells us about the real power of the earth, that enters leggs or head and goes from

your back or belly to your head again ?

When that earthly energy meets the kosmic energy from all around,

that new energy gives birth to space.

There was a time they taught us that parents were perfect.
Now we realise that the difficulties of the generations before

remain the succeedable obstacles of tomorrow.

Love is the only rule, but the game is learning from disharmony.

When will come the day men will no longer need competition to move further forward ?

When will some lovers stop to be consumers...with mainly economical ties ?

Our working conditions and our emotions control our mind.

Our brain tries to put this in a strict order.

Our intuition tries to make room for our hart.

The old culture kills without giving birth again.

It's always NOW that you can drain a part of the dirth away.

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